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Black Girls Pillow Talk: Trailblazing Queens Event

Trailblazing Queens | Celebrating The Paths Of Black Women


On February 16th, Dartmouth's Black Girl Community convened at Opus to celebrate Black History Month. What started as a PJ party and movie night turned into heartfelt conversations and laughter, embodying the mission of Black Girls Pillow Talks: creating a safe space for Black girls to be heard. It was a night of empowerment, highlighting the resilience and beauty of the Black community.


Main Key Takeaways

The Ability to Adapt

Black women are born leaders, with the ability to make unexpected situations a positive opportunity.

The Importance of Faith

Black Role Models and Mentors are Critical

Stereotypes of Black Women

The Power of Connection

Mental Wellness and Racism Impact

The Secrets of Being a Strong, Unapologetic Black Women

This is just one of many upcoming events. You are invited to the next one! To stay updated follow us on Instagram - @blackgirlspillowtalk <3


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