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A deeper look into our services. 

Learn more about our services that A Team Coaching specializes in as a company. Uncover how we can assist your organization in achieving its objectives and cultivating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Explore our offerings and begin a journey of education, development, and transformation with A Team Coaching.

Cultural Competence & Cultural Awareness

Our Cultural Competence & Awareness training program is designed to improve your team's ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes. We provide a blend of insightful guidance and interactive experiences that foster an environment where diverse perspectives are celebrated and not just acknowledged. Our training equips your team with practical strategies and insights to promote mutual understanding, respect, and effective communication across cultural boundaries. We offer customized programs and interactive workshops that empower your team to embrace diversity and leverage it as a strength in achieving your organizational goals.


Equity Audit

Our Equity Audit service provides a comprehensive assessment of a company's policies, practices, and culture, to identify areas for improvement in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We engage with all stakeholders, analyze data, and identify gaps to produce practical recommendations. Our recommendations are tailored to address issues such as representation, access to opportunities, and workplace culture. We support organizations in implementing and monitoring the effectiveness of these recommendations, promoting continuous improvement, and creating a workplace that values, respects, and empowers all employees to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.


Unconscious Bias

Address unconscious biases that may impact decision-making and hinder diversity and inclusion efforts. Our Unconscious Bias training raises awareness of unspoken biases and provides practical strategies to mitigate their influence. By understanding and challenging unconscious biases, your team can make more objective and inclusive decisions, ultimately fostering a more equitable and diverse workplace.


Policy Development

Develop policies and practices that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within your organization. Our Policy Development services offer expert guidance in crafting inclusive policies that align with your organization's values and goals. Whether you're revising or creating new policies, we work collaboratively with your team to ensure that your policies reflect best practices and support a culture of fairness and inclusion.



Take proactive steps to combat racism and promote racial equity within your organization. Our Anti-Racism training provides education, resources, and actionable strategies to create an equitable workplace. From addressing microaggressions to implementing anti-racist policies and initiatives, we support your organization in becoming actively anti-racist and fostering a culture of belonging for all.


EDIA Training (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility)

Embrace equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA) as core principles of your organization's culture. Our EDIA Training offers education and training to implement EDIA principles into every aspect of your organization's operations. From building inclusive teams to ensuring accessibility for all stakeholders, we help you create a workplace where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has equal opportunities to contribute and succeed.

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