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Your Partner in Creating an Equitable Organization

Providing Specialized Support to Your Organization

Let’s work together to create organizational change by making equity, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility an integrated component of your business today.   

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Our Services

Guiding you in building an equitable organization by the means of training, workshops, policy development, keynote and fireside talks, audits and reports for staff, leadership, boards and brands.

Our clients
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Get to Know Us

Having a family business is not unique. But what has been unique for us is that our work brings our family and friends together across varying generations, skill sets, beliefs, and perspectives. This makes our way of working with clients and organizations distinctive and engaging. A family business has the opportunity to become the kind of legacy that threads generations of knowledge together. It can become something that stands on the hard work of those who are no longer with us but got us here. Our work is something that I believe honours the commitment and sacrifices past generations have made so we can have a better life. Now, through A Team, we are holding ourselves and each other accountable to honour this by applying our talents and gifts to the making of a new, more inclusive, and equitable future.

J. Maki Motapanyane,
Ph.D. Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Women’s Studies
"It was fantastic having Angela on the Black women in electoral politics panel! Thank you for sharing your insights with us and adding your experience to the diversity of perspectives!"
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