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A Team Coaching offers training and development to help grow individuals and teams mentally and physically with a focus on creating safer organizations through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Through keynote speaking, signature and tailored workshops, facilitation, policy development and reporting, A Team helps organizations and employees build understanding in cultural competency, equips teams with strategies to recognize the importance of healthy relationships, and to build more inclusive, safe work environments. Our advocacy and training promote lasting system and social changes; ensuring policies, practices and processes within the company are designed to build a more equitable organization.

At A Team, not only do you access our qualified team members, but also our network of partners creating an exceptional experience for your organization. 


Angela Simmonds 

CEO and Founder

"I highly recommend Angela for any organization who is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and fundamental institutional change."  


-Michelle Ward, Kids First Association 

Angela Simmonds is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant, lawyer, former member and deputy speaker of the Nova Scotia legislative assembly, a former small- business owner, and a community mobilizer whose 20-year career extends over the various fields of socio-economic development, education, entrepreneurship, policy, and cultural competency. Her work and expertise on the historical injustice and systemic discrimination with Land Titles Clarification Act has received national attention with support from the United Nations Working Group. Most recently, Angela was recognized as one of the top 100 most accomplished Black women in Canada.


Angela combines her lived experience, education, and backgrounds in law and politics to train organizations and non-for-profits on issues of discrimination, anti-black racism, sexual harassment, and biases. Her background makes her uniquely positioned to address racism, genderism, sexism, and barriers impacting individuals most vulnerable to structural, systemic inequalities in our society. Together, she supports employees and organizations on their path to build cultural competency and integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into their work.


Angelina Simmonds 


Angelina Simmonds is from the Preston Township, where she spent much of her early life as a competitive swimmer. She has competed provincially and nationally as a record holder in Nova Scotia. As a high-performing Black female student athlete, Angelina’s intersectionality inspired her passion for empowering youth, particularly young girls, to build confidence and embrace their authentic selves. 


Now a recent graduate from Mount Saint Vincent University  with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women Studies & Sociology, she has joined A Team Coaching as a consultant where she is able to use her education, background and lived experiences to create more inclusive environments. By examining and dismantling harmful assumptions, stereotypes and social behaviors, Angelina is able to influence new conversations, policies and practices, creating safer spaces for the clients she serves.


Angelina believes deeply in a quote by Audre Lorde, "it is not our differences that divide us, it is our ability to recognize accept, and celebrate those differences.” 


Adré Simmonds 


Adré Simmonds is from the Preston Township. He is currently attending Saint Mary’s University working towards his Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice, while playing varsity football for the Huskies.  Adré has been a lifelong student athlete, and has played for some of the top football teams in his age bracket across Canada. He began his high-performance career in 2015 as a member of Team Nova Scotia where he was later awarded Offensive MVP of the year. He went on to play at the highly sought after Saint Andrews College where he went on to receive Offensive MVP of the Year, and then all-around MVP of the Year. In 2018, he made Team Canada.


Adré understands one’s character, hard work and integrity happens not only on the field but off. He believes hard work happens when no one is watching, and you must do something every day to make sure your body, mind, spirit and physical being is being taken care of. One of his favorites quotes he lives by is “today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t” – Jerry Rice.


AJ Simmonds


AJ Simmonds is from the Preston Township and currently resides in Dartmouth.  He is the proud father of two beautiful young boys, Amari Antonio and Adonis Adre. AJ is a father, advocate, facilitator, consultant, and community mobilizer.  He believes goals, commitment and hard work can create opportunities and lifelong learning.  As an alumni of Acadia University, with a Major in Sociology, he understands the importance of having genuine human regard for all people and leads by example, with integrity.

AJ knows the significance of building trust and creating positive relationships and community let initiatives, stakeholder engagement and establishing partnerships are key aspects of his work. He also recognizes the importance of empowering first voices and lived experiences in the path forward to help societal change.


Emily Neil

Communications Consultant

Emily Neil is a communications and public relations professional with almost 10 years of experience in professional communications through non-profits, crown corporations, public/private partnerships and post-secondary. A graduate of the Mount Saint Vincent’s Public Relations program, Emily is currently a Master in Public Administration student at Dalhousie University. Emily brings experience in corporate communications, brand management, government relations, stakeholder and media relations and event management to the A Team.

Jude Gerrard.png

Jude Gerrard

Jude Gerrard was born in Sheet Harbour and is a member of the Millbrook First Nation. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance/HR) degree from St. Mary’s University, a Bachelor of Education degree from Acadia University, and is completing his Master of Education in Equity and Social Justice at Acadia. He has been a speaker at national and international conferences on systemic oppression and racial identity. He has trained with international equity leaders in Cultural Proficiency, Cultural Humility, Beyond Diversity2, Courageous Conversations about Race, and received an Award of Recognition from the Pacific Educational Group for his work in reducing the achievement gap for First Nation and African Canadian students.


He has worked for several federal and provincial departments, including the RCMP, CSC, Veterans’ Affairs, Education and Early Childhood Education, (where he helped established Treaty Education in NS) Communities Culture and Heritage, and the Office of Equity and Anti-Racism Initiatives, where he helped with Canada’s first Equity and Anti-racism legislation. Jude has worked at several post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia and served on the National Indigenous Education Advisory Committee for Colleges and Institutions Canada. Most recently he received his Certified Diversity Executive designation from the Institute for Diversity Certification in Indianapolis, Indiana and was the first Mi’kmaq employee to be awarded the NS Premier’s Award of Excellence. 

Partners & Associates

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